View Full Version : Vtm:20th The Anarch Revolt.

07-18-2013, 10:22 PM
System: Whitewolf VtM: v20th
Medium: Skype/roll20( yes you will need to talk over a mic/ English speaking is a must)
Day/time:Thursday or Sunday evenings every week/everyother week depending.
Character creation: standard with some modified rules. check in lower paragraph.
Age/content: This is going to be a Chronicle on the mature side of things. I would like people to be 18 or over and mature.

Set in Present day in Saint Louis, MO. The Ventrue Prince holds heavy power and influance over most in the city keep nice and tidy and under order. His Sheriff and hounds are usually out an about putting there noses into everyones business. The Prince holds an Iron grip on most clans in the city with little influance in Brujah the Nosferatu. He has kept the city safe from sabbat attacks as well as gaining many force partnerships with kindred of other cities. His reign over steps the boundries that allow Indepenace and Anarchs to move freely. Keeping them more underground and controlled then they'd like to be.

The character guide lines, You are part of the Anarch Movement, you may have been embraced into the Camarill/Anarch movement or you may have joined efforts due to the grip the Prince has put on the city. It is standard v20 character building. with a few rules to keep in mind. 1 none of you will be elders or super old neonates. 2 you can not have a generation lower than 10th gen. 3 Camarilla clans only with some indepenant choses subject to approval.4 Bios are much needed pre and post unlife you all dont need to be Brujah or Gangrel you dont even need to be brawlers you can be visionaries etc. 5 I would like to run this on Thursdays or Sunday evenings.

P.S. Powergamers be warned I have zero tolerance for it.

If you have questions please email me at joellambert2nd@gmail.com