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Scarecrow Ninja
07-09-2013, 06:47 AM
Hi everyone. I'm looking to start or join a DnD campaign, 2e, 3.x, or Next. Pathfinder also excellent.

I live in Nashua and can host weekly. I'm thinking a Friday or Saturday night game but for me any night of the week would be fine in general. I would be ok DMing but would rather play. I like home brew worlds but enjoy old school classics as well like greyhawk, FR, and Ravenloft.

I might have a player or two already interested but a couple more would help solidify things.

send me a message and let's get this thing started!


07-09-2013, 07:45 PM
Finally someone in the town I live in on the weekends, but the games you are looking for are all D&D or related (Pathfinder). I own 2e, 3.5, and 4e and played D&D off and on for many many years before finding new systems to play. I actually left a 1e game because it wasn't scratching the itch (plus it was a 40 minute drive there). At least 2e does offer more choices than 1e (especially with the Player's Option books) and I never really got to play 3.0/3.5 even though I own a metric ****ton of the books. I dunno.....I really would like to do some face-to-face gaming instead of over Skype so i might be interested depending on which system you settle on. I will keep my eye on this thread for updates or you can PM me.

07-25-2013, 10:30 AM
So just wondering if anything is going on with this, have you been able to get enough people together? What system is going to be used (I would be interested in 3.x because I never really got to give it a try)? Like I said I am interested in doing some real face-to-face gaming so I am curious if anything has materialized.