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07-09-2013, 02:37 AM
im in need of another hook for a campaign im writing. All the players know currently is that goblins have been raiding a capital city. The current hooks i have are 1. aiding the city in stopping these raids 2. something/some one important got stolen from some one and they really want it back and 3. a dark prophecy about a great evil rising up and summoning a great undead army.

Im looking for one more hook. any suggestion will be great.

07-09-2013, 09:38 AM
the goblins are in the right. they are trying to recover something / someone of great value to them. maybe one of their royalty was kidnapped, and a royal goblin is living proof that humans are genetically descended from / related to goblins, and the human political/religious leaders will do anything to hide this fact. if you go with object, perhaps records that reveal something about the past that is suppressed, like goblins are the natives of this world, and human survivors crashed / gated onto this world, and are trying to suppress the fact that they have ruthlessly taken over or some such.

07-09-2013, 05:09 PM
nope that wont fit in at all, i have a back story for the entire world and the city that they are raiding is left over from the old world.

07-10-2013, 09:39 AM
righteo, then. i can understand if you don't want to reveal backstory in a public forum. oh, and regardless of backstory, the goblins may believe whatever they want, irrespective of accuracy. ^^ you could change my previous offering to that's what the goblins believe, or possibly what they are being told, even though it is not actually true.

what are they raiding for? motivations? loot? labor? experimental subjects? food? tribute for their overlords? festival coming up that needs sacrifice(s)? pure love of cussedness and chaos? intending to disrupt something the humans are doing?

07-11-2013, 03:30 PM
here is an old write up that i have. i haven't rewritten this one and i didn't feel like retyping the one i was going to post for a 5th time.

"As you were growing up you all heard stories about the old world. Building that stretched towards the heavens and magic fuel machines that could take you places that you could never dream of. You were told of wars that were to follow. The nations torn at each other for control of a once peaceful land, with war came a new advancement of machines. Machines that were able to destroy the very earth and swallow cities whole or makes people vanish without a trace.
The gods saw what was happening to the land though their powers were limited due to most of the world population now worship the magic and the machines that it fueled. They devised a machine that would leach the very magic that the worlds people depended on so much. It is said that the machine stretches from the highest peak to the very core of the earth.
Activation of the machine came at a heavy cost to the gods. When they built the machine they didn’t realize that the magic that was use the power the weapons of war that the very same magic that help life to the world. With no magic left in the world. Machines fell from the sky, cities that relied on magic fell apart and the lands people crumbled to dust.
The god how ever lost what little powers they had left and were made human again. From then on they studied the great machine to figure out what happen. The great machine couldn't distinguish between what magic was what and took it all. During the final days of the last god living, she modified the machine to release the magic that it had stored in its self. The first burst hit the once god and turn her to a form of pure magic energy, She was the first Ascended.
The machine next burst happen in the deep bowls of the earth, where no lights shines. This created a being of pure evil, pure shadow, it became known as the Shadow’s Soul by man. This being would feed of the negative feelings of the new life that the Great Machine had created. The first Ascended, being vastly more powerful noticed what was happening and sealed the Shadow’s Soul in a great cavern at the base of the machine where it slept and waited for when it would be released on the world again.
Parents often told their children stores that if they were bad the Shadow’s Soul would come after them. The children would make games and such about it and churches would sell blessed candles that would keep the Shadow’s Soul at bay. Many believe that it is free and can roam any shadow that it feels. Cults were formed to worship the Shadow’s Soul. They believed that it would come to them and turn this in to an agent of evil able to communicate directly with it.
Strange things tend to happen every other cycles (20 years) and it will get progressively more frequent as the cycles progress then every hundredth year at the end of the Eon almost all magic is intensified. No one can explain why. Some say it’s the will of the Ascended trying to write the wrongs from their past life, some say it’s the Shadow’s soul trying to break free and it’s when it’s at its strongest. Very few thinks it’s the work of the Great Machine overloading over the years."

The goblins are attacking because they are being told to by a cult that worships the Shadow Soul trying to fulfill the prophecy.

07-12-2013, 02:31 PM
how about a simple hook of profiteering? make lots of money smuggling in stuff to one side or the other. maybe even smuggling necessary items to average citizens that the government has otherwise conscripted as "war materials" in the face of the goblins attacks? could be stuff like food and medicine or other supplies. horses even.