View Full Version : looking for local group (johnson county kansas)

07-01-2013, 05:04 PM
looking for a local gaming group, dnd 3.x in johnson county kansas.
about myself:
name: aaron kaploe
age: 34
how long played: i started with 1rst edd when i was 9 played then moved to 2nd edd then moved to 3.0 3.5
what kinda game i am looking for: i am open to most any content homebrew or realm (i don't play ravenloft though) i prefer any of these three, 25% combat/75% rp, 50% combat/50% rp or 75% combat/25% rp
what kinda char to i play: i usually play a mage-sorcerer, or a gish
where do i want to play at: a gaming shop or someone house i am open to ether.

let me know by posting here or mail me here.