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06-26-2013, 11:37 PM
I am not sure if I should be putting it here or in find Players/Games. Currently looking for some people that like the white-wolf games of Exalted, Scions, oWoD(20), nWoD (maybe others) in flavor and some of the mechanics. I would like some opinions as to what things I should consider for mechanics and fluff for a Home brew variation of the Storyteller systems. As well as possibly make a new chat buddy or two.
The current mechanics base I am using is out of Scion/Exalted (such as combat, dice difficulties, basic type stuff). I am debating if I want to go with an nWoD or other set of stats. Fluff so far seem to be similar to ideas of oWoD Kindred, Werewolf, and nWoD Changeling (maybe a little scion in there as well).
Once I get happy with something I am hoping to run it, and likely make alterations as needed. Or give up an rune something like oWoD20 or something. Would like to do this (discussions and/or game) as a Skype Text Chat.
Even if you may not be interested in playing, please feel free to let me know what you liked or disliked about various White-wolf systems and settings.
(added Fluff) My current setting takes place in the modern world with 2 primary groups of supernaturals. A much larger group (used very loosely) that manipulate the world to their own interests (exists as dozens of smaller groups), and a much more unified collective of aggressive supernaturals that seem interested in eradicating all other supernaturals and maintaining reality.