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The Deep Magic Kickstarter is in its fourth day and headed toward some new stretch goals. Here, the tome’s editor/developer offers some thoughts on how the project has proceeded so far.I have very fond memories of, as a teenager, sitting with my friends and poring over spell descriptions. Something about the mystery, wonder, and power of magic in RPGs has just always given me goose bumps—and, I admit, made me a little trigger-happy when it comes to offensive spells.
So when Wolfgang casually asked me late last year whether I was interested in editing and developing a book of magic, I happily replied, “That’s right in my wheelhouse!”
Little did I know how absolutely engrossing, exciting, and just plain fun this project would be.
In the five months since work has begun on Deep Magic in earnest, I’ve coordinated with Wolfgang and Ben to compile existing Kobold Press material, convert at least one set of spells to Pathfinder RPG, organize the book’s contents, wrangle deadlines, and edit and develop a host of all-new material.
In some cases, I needed to rework previously published spells and content to fit into Deep Magic, which we intend to be a setting-generic book. In other cases, I found mechanical bumps that needed smoothed or holes that needed filled—there was, for example, a crying need for a master list of all the book’s new spells. (It took about a week and spans 24 pages so far, but that spell list now exists!)
It’s been a lot of work getting Deep Magic this far along in the editorial process—the file now sits at 260 pages and counting—but it’s been smooth and fun work because everyone involved is so passionate about this project.* The list of this book’s designers is mind-blowing, and it seems everyone is focused on one outcome: making the most imaginative, varied, and exciting book of magic possible.
To all those who have so generously supported this project, either through the Kickstarter or in spirit, and to all those industry professionals who have thrown encouraging words or promotional help our way, I say this:
I think we’re well on our way, and thank you for helping make it happen.
Amanda Hamon is a freelance contributor to Kobold Press and Paizo Publishing. Her design credits include Fortress of the Nail and contributions to Fey Revisited, Animal Archive, Dungeoneer’s Handbook, and several Adventure Path installments. Her editing credits include Midgard Legends, and her upcoming credits include contributions to more than a dozen publications. Amanda spends her days as a writer/editor for a Big Ten university and her nights immersed in worlds that are both weird and wonderful. She lives in Indiana with her husband and their many (non-magical) pets.

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