View Full Version : Torchbearer in Soderfjord

06-09-2013, 04:31 PM
The rugged coastline of Soderfjord is more than just rock and ice. Ships from the southern kingdoms arrive with exotic trade goods exchanged for hides, tusks, and rare treasures liberated from the old tombs of thanes and jarls. The characters are young, poor, and inexperienced adventurers working to meet the demand of the burgeoning trade of lost treasures with the south.

We'll use the new Torchbearer system, designed by Luke & Thor and based on the MouseGuard/Burning Wheel system. Torchbearer harkens back to the classic D&D system: play a warrior, cleric, magic-user, halfling, dwarf, or elf... that's it for races & classes. Unique character customization can be realized by choosing among a range of skills and coloring in roleplaying tags like "Beliefs" and "Instincts" much like in the Burning Wheel system.

Introductory session is on Thursday, June 20th at the Culpeper County Library from 6-9 pm.