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06-06-2013, 12:21 AM
Saturdays Street Fighter Game!
A letter on your door!
You, (Character name here) moved to either the city of Pittsburgh or Southwestern Pennsylvania in the past month or two. You each have your own reason for coming here, whatever that may be. However one thing has drawn each of you for some time now. The city has a very expansive network of street fighters to compete in a federation ran by one Miles Newsome. Only by finding him and impressing him will you get the invite to join.
You get a letter taped to your door Friday June 6th 2013 it reads as follows.
Dearest (character name here),
Your presence is requested for a meeting involving matters the FBI are looking into. You can be assured you are in no legal trouble; in fact the bureau is requesting your help.
The meeting will be held tomorrow at 7:30 AM in the federal courthouse on Grant Ave.
Be ready by 6:30 AM!
You are picked up by five men in dark suits and a black SUV, Three SUV’s to be exact! At the Federal Court House You are quickly pulled out the car and put into an elevator and then escorted down a hall from the elevator doors on whatever floor you are on. You are taken into a meeting room with a few other people and handed a folder. Everyone else seems to be looking at their folder so you examine yours.
Inside is a Letter from a promoter and Six photos, Two of CIA Agent Tim Bowers, one of him when he was alive and one of him dead. The other four photos are of ATF agent Jason Newsome and DEA agent Derrick Osborne. Just like the other two photos they have a pair of life and death photos for each of the men.
The letter is addressed from one Joshua O’Malley to agents Bowers, Newsome, and Osborne.
It gives them a meeting time of 9:30 pm on June 1st, at the location they were last seen alive at for their second audition.

Each man was found in a different part of town, naked, with multiple bullet and stab wounds.
The Briefing Begins!
Continued at game…….
4PM at Legions Games and Hobbies. Starting Saturday June 8th!
For more information about Character Creation Guidelines And other Information as well visit our forum for further info. http://steelcityrifters.freeforums.org/saturdays-street-fighter-game-t17.html
hope to see some new faces.

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