View Full Version : Hello from Wichita Falls, TX

06-19-2007, 03:13 PM
Hello all,

I hail from Wichita Falls, and found this site via Woldiangames.com where I play Murdock in their Bloodpack game. I left a gaming group here in the city in January, and have been looking to pick back up with another group for the past few months.

I'm a professional working at the local cable company, so really only want to play weekly at most, and would rather play with a mature group of people. (ie: No one who burst into tears or gets pissed when their level 1 fighter dies.)

I've got a beautiful and loving wife, a little girl and a baby boy on the way. So I hae stuff going on, but still love a good hobby, and that for me is fantasy RPG.

It's nice to meet all of ya!

Steve aka Traxxus