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05-29-2013, 09:14 PM
Who does not love cyberpunk?

Ive just started a new Shadowrun campaign on an online IRC channel. Its great fun so far. Anyone interested in a text based game are welcome.
The outline of the game is simple. Everyone starts out as a runner, they get hired by a runner agency with a Fixer and you go from there. As the game is running 24/7 what i love about IRC is that play can happen even if the GM's are not around. Players can just keep it simple, social play to help develop stronger bonds and alliances.

The over view of the game is this, Shadowrun 4th ED. Set in the dark streets of Seattle the life of a Shadowrunner is one of constant danger and thrills. The chance to make it big or die in horribly, what ever their reasons its not a life for the faint of heart. In the shadows of the Metroplex the Sin and the Sinless fight for right to control that will always be an illusion granted by corporate rule. Set in 2075.

We are a dice/sheet moderated game. We have our own custom BOT that rolls everything according to the Shadowrun rules, initiatives and edge.
So come check us out if you are interested.

We can be found on the IRC network. irc.darmyst.net on channel #Descending_Shadows Look for those with an @ they are the GM's