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05-28-2013, 10:30 AM
Do you kill the bad guy or do you let him live?

A question that is rarely asked in the games that we play, though perhaps it should.

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05-28-2013, 12:39 PM
hmmm, reminds me of the time that we were taking on the old classic GDQ1-7. back during G1, we were clearing out the giant's steading, and fought with a will all of the combatants, male or female. but when we found the civilian women and children, we balked. so we charmed the few remaining male giants who were willing to surrender, and the leaders of the females, and suggested a good area way off into the wilderness, knowing that the charm would last for a week or so before wearing off and would likely put the group near a decent place to settle, with some more areas further on.

we also treated well the original inhabitants of the caves beneath the steading. they were so grateful to be freed from servitude of the giants, that they tried to gift us with some significant religious jewels / treasure. we again balked at taking something of such moral and faith-based significance, yet we also desired to not offend them by refusing gifts. in the end, we accepted the gifts, and then declared that as we were traveling for an indeterminate amount of time, that we were not fit guardians of such relics, and requested that they caretake them on our behalf. this pleased the tribe and we accepted some other smaller and less significant gifts in exchange for their caretaker role over the relics.

we also made friends with the prisoners we freed, curing insanity and giving generously of our resources to the dwarves to get them back home, and to the stonemason - we even paid for him to complete his training and the guild fee to become a master craftsman (guess which two groups we go to when we want a stronghold built someday?); and the merchant was quite happy with our detaching a member of our group to escort him (and the stonemason) home. with our patronage, he has been able to expand his trade routes, and is able to get us an increasingly wide range of items, all at a small discount. ^^ (the dwarves declined treasure and escort, but accepted some weapon and armor to safeguard their way home, and named us dwarf-friends)

(that campaign is currently ongoing, we are in the latter portion of G3 now. ^^ )