View Full Version : Viva Las Vegas: Kindred in the city of sin. Hosted in Quincy, MA

Deacon Rayne
05-17-2013, 12:26 PM
"In the wake of a failed attack from an foreign invader, Las Vegas is left vulnerable and in chaos. There is opportunity available, however, for those with a strong heart and a nerve of steel.
Wealth? Blood? Power? Everything is on the table and everything is up for grabs. With the stakes being eternity, creatures of all stripes and kind come to gamble their very existences in a bid to win it all and be crowned the new king of Las Vegas.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but even in Sin City, some sins never fade."
"House of Cards" is a game meeting twice a month on the weekend at my place.
I'm T accessible, but have cats in case you are allergic.
Looking to form a 3 person troupe. Hoping to fill the ranks with experienced (25+ up though exceptions can be made) role-players who enjoy a good yarn.
No previous Vampire or WoD experience required.
For more details, contact me here on the forums or at Deaconrayne@hotmail.com