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05-17-2013, 09:32 AM
In honor of P&PG's renaissance, I'm reposting my RPG system here, in the appropriate forum.


It's a d20-like system, stripped down to the bare essentials, with some other systems' brilliant ideas pasted in for character. If you like a rules-light system with lots of room for roleplaying, take a look. If you like a rules-heavy system that requires zero roleplaying, the rules are modular so that you can add any rules you like. Or just be patient, because I'll be modding it after I'm done with the core rules!

The rules are, I believe, mostly complete. They still need a couple categories, proof-reading, playtesting, and revision. Comments and questions are, of course, very welcome!

(Drop me a line if you'd like to play a game or two on P&PG's new chat rooms!)

06-09-2013, 11:36 PM
Phase 1: streamline characters.
Modos RPG characters have a minimum of eight items on a character sheet: a level, three ability scores: Physical, Mental, Metaphysical, a skill, a perk, and a piece of gear (usually a weapon or natural weapon), and a certain number of daily hero points.

Damage accumulates in a pool for each ability.
Skills can increase in points, or the character can learn more skills.
Perks add interesting features to the character, or they can buy another ability or skill point.
Hero points are a d6 that can be added to any roll, adding flavor to the character.

Saving throws are handled by skills.
Hit points are measured by ability scores, so a character has three ways to take damage.
Armor class is a skill, and armor reduces damage.
Max ranks equal a character's level.
Spells per day are gone. You can cast spells as long as you have Metaphysical points.
Encumbrance, speed, spell DCs, resistance, base attack bonus, grapple bonus, and more have been streamlined out.

What say you?

Next up: resolving uncertain actions.