View Full Version : Skull & Shackles Pathfinder (Maybe more!)

05-16-2013, 03:46 PM
Just moved to Utah and my wife and I are looking to assemble a gaming group. We live in Draper, but not opposed to rotate gaming location to accommodate others. I'm looking to run the pirate-themed Skull & Shackles adventure path. It will be Friday, Sat or Sun depending on what works best for the group.

I'm also open to having someone else run a different game an alternating weeks.

I've been gaming for more than 20 years. As a GM, I like to give each PC their own unique quest to go along with the main story, so that they have a personal stake in the events. I'm pretty laid back, prefer RPers over combat-focused players. Fair warning: Our language may get a bit salty. Pirates aren't known for their manners, after all.

Interested? Drop me a PM or email me - hilgoldstein {at} gmail.com