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05-15-2013, 03:06 PM
I would like to announce the foundation of The Steel City Rifters. A role playing group dedicated to promoting Palladium games. We do play other games as well but we try to focus in Palladium Games. Our group is a mature laid back group of adults who enjoy the story aspect of gaming and we enjoy being part of the story. We love to include new people in our gaming sessions and we enjoy teaching new people the systems we play.
We will be indulging into the Palladium Fantasy game the next session and we would like to include more people into our game. The game will be run by one of the founding members Zia or Z as he prefers to be called. The following is his information for the game.
On Saturday 5/18/13 at 4:00pm at Legions games in North Hills, PA , Contact for address.

A brave few adventurers
Will risk it all and lead one of the first forays into the Chaos Lands aka The Lands Of The Damned

For those few who are entering the chaos lands

Follow these guidelines to devise your character:

1. You all hail from the isle of Bizantium

2. You all are a existing group, whatever you collectively want to be, relatives, adventurers, a guild, friends, etc

But you all know each other very well

3. Everyone is starting level 4

4. You can have up to 2 special weapons that you conceive of, please just run them by me

5. No limitations on race, gender, or ethnicity, or character class,

except Peruvians, no Peruvians

6. You all start with 75 gold, use it to equip whatever resources you want

7. No personal transportation (wagons, oxen, horses, etc)

Venture forth carefully young hero

The land of the damned is unforgiving

Guideline Clarifications
1. When I wrote equip whatever you want, I meant from the palladium fantasy core/main book

Not like oh my neighbor is a warlock who sells invulnerability spells that last for a year, or MDC plasma cannons from a rift down at Ye Olde Wilk's store

Anything from the main book

2. Just keep whatever you do in the fantasy realm, no firearms or tech

I can say if you enjoy a good story and being part of a good story come and check us out.


05-18-2013, 01:53 AM
Where Light Fears To Tread

You brave PCs, Are denizens of the isle of Bizantium
Although you are of varied ethnic and racial ancestry, and and the vast majority of individuals in Bizantium are human, your families were honored for a history of charitable and munificent actions aiding the isle and the crown

Recently a guild known as the Heart Of Steel, a ancient order of scholars, mystics, and adventurers who were among the founders of bizantium, has placed a call to anyone willing to undertake a expedition of immense danger and intrigue but also immeasurable wealth,

To lead a successful foray into the land of the damned

100 yes ago Octavian Zend lead a 30 men group in the first manned attempt at entering the chaos lands through the northern mountains of the great northern wilderness

Of the 30 who undertook this mission, none returned..... the only thing to return was the mutilated and severed head of Octavian,
His very eyes had been burned out and replaced with glowing emeralds,

this legend has been buried in mists of time and now what is truth has become increasingly obfuscated by conjecture

The severed head was reportedly returned by Octavian's son Augustus who is reported to have been driven insane by his father's loss and now lives as a recluse near the northern mountains

The Heart Of Steel is publicly offering a monetary reward in excess of a million platinum coins, however the scuttlebutt on the street also speaks of nobility, tithes, and large tracts of land being offered to those who successfully enter the chaos lands and return alive

Darker stories tell of a scrying dish that Octavian carried into the chaos lands that the royal crown of bizantium now desperately seeks to retrieve, and this renewed interest seems to have only recently been rekindled in the past few days after having been virtually ignored for years

Those stories that have found their way from the lord's palace speak of dark shadows, ungodly horrors, and most intriguingly 5 ancient armors that lay dormant covered in time and darkness, and a scrying dish in the palace suddenly transmitting evil images beyond comprehension

No one knows what lays ahead

The land of there damned, the chaos lands beckon you forward brave adventurer

But beware, for a dark wind is blowing......