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05-01-2013, 06:00 PM
I'm putting together an XCOM themed game and would like some more players. The campaign is similar to the video games in concept but with several significant changes. The game feel is more conspiracy/espionage atmosphere oriented as the aliens have not done anything overtly violent (yet). Their agenda is still unknown but the aliens have been here for years and by the time people were able to realize what was truly occurring, the aliens already had established a firm foothold on the Earth.

Game mechanics will be handled via the Hero system with a dose of genre flavoring from Conspiracy X. Hero has a reputation for being difficult which it really is not but the initial learning curve can be daunting when confronted with the dense rulebook. Fortunately several players in the group are incredibly well-versed with Hero so don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the system.

In the campaign, XCOM was the natural evolution of various governmental agencies awkwardly collaborating to confront the extraterrestrial menace. XCOM High Command is extremely secretive and operates via numerous independent “Cells” throughout the world. Each Cell represents a core team of professionals, aka the PC’s (CDC scientists, NASA test pilots, military intelligence officers, FBI investigators, Spetsnaz, etc.), and the staff and resources available in their base.

Your Cell is, naturally, somewhere in Seattle and covers the Pacific Northwest theatre. We’ll have a map on the website showing all the available intel leads the Cell has and in-between game sessions characters will direct scientists, techs, mercenaries, and spies in their Cell to follow-up these intel leads and find new ones. The aliens are simultaneously doing their own thing and the more successful you are, the more attention you will attract from the aliens and their human sympathizers (filthy turncoats!). Via email players agree on what sort of mission they want to do a few days before we meet to game and then I’ll update the map depending on mission outcome, your staff’s efforts, government activity, alien activity, and other factors. The aliens are insidiously clever and will be quite vile in their efforts to countermand XCOM once provoked.

Gaming will be Friday night, probably on a bi-weekly schedule that might drift a bit depending on who can show up. We might play several weeks in a row or maybe have a longer gap but I’d like to stay more or less bi-weekly as possible.

05-06-2013, 07:52 AM
I sent you a DM, but this sounds interesting and you're pretty close to me.