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04-29-2013, 11:32 AM
I'm currently running a 3.5e campaign for the first time. It's gone absolutely fantastic. I couldn't have wished for it to be better. However for the first time, I have something I want to do and have been racking my brain for the past week to come up with nothing or ideas that aren't good enough in my mind.

The party is made up of an evil elf rogue, an elf ranger, and a whimsical half-elf bard(who is also a run-away princess) that are now all level 14. There's also two NPC's, an scrawny and nerdy elf sorcerer and a handsome and noble human knight. Throughout the campaign I've had my main storyline but also of course had the stories for each of my characters as well. The sorcerer has been with the party the entire campaign and has been trying to win the heart of the bard(they also basically grew up together). The knight is a recent addition but is also trying to win her heart. To my surprise(though I shouldn't be surprised at anything players do), she's on the fence about which one she'd rather be with. Soon they'll be entering my version of fairyland, which the layout of is not set in stone yet, and I plan to have the knight propose to her. I want it to be in such a lavish romantic way that she can't say no. I've had a few thoughts/suggestions on how this should go but what has come up is either too simple or doesn't transfer to D&D(I need more nerd friends that understand what I'm talking about >_<)

Any help would be appreciated.

04-29-2013, 11:27 PM
okay.... detail us what have you come up with so far, and why you think those things to be bad and/or non-translatable.

04-29-2013, 11:47 PM
honestly i havent come up with much of anything. it was suggested to take her to a beach and write it in the sand but that just doesnt seem right to me. or to take her to a remote island. considering right now they are venturing to find an artifact to stop the mouth of hell from opening that wouldn't make much sense either. or a candlelit dinner is too traditional. maybe i'm just picky because it's my first campaign.

04-30-2013, 10:41 AM
so.... this is going to turn into a contest between you and yourself. well, i guess you need to consider the circumstances. first off, as you mention, they are venturing. this will set your first constraints. second, what resources does each npc who is wooing the young lady have? give us some background on the guys then.

i mean, this is a fantasy world. depending on what spells known and scrolls the sorcerer has access to, he could easily set up a rope trick with a pavilion (or leomund's hut) complete with feast inside for a (literally) magical and romantic dinner with proposal at the end using various magics to pull it off. all en route; no problems.

the knight on the other hand will find it hard to match that possibility out of his own resources. now, if he had a flying steed, a moonlight flight might be a good mood setter, assuming you can handle the chill of night flying. flying carpet will work as well, if you can deal with getting showered with movie quotes. personality would make a difference too. is he the sort to go slay a big monster single handedly to show what a good provider he is and how brave? (ignoring the likely reaction to the whole see-what-the-cat-dragged-in bit.) is he literally of noble blood? would he try to impress her with titles, lands, position?

sounds like you are setting up a jock vs geek showdown. if that is your intent, you could play it up. have them both woo her and get in each others way. ham up the personalities. have the guys peacock for her. watch a few episodes of that beauty and the geek show or something similar for inspiration. maybe they will both try to propose to her, or at least get time with her, and the other will invariably crash the moment.

or is the sorcerer not aware of the impending proposal? does he have divination spells? if so, i'd bet he's using them to figure out what he should do to win her affections and if she likes him.... (oh, and that grease spell is great for whenever the knight looks like he's showing off for her....) ^^

clarify the personalities, the people, and it will likely clarify what each would think appropriate to do in this situation. just some thoughts....

04-30-2013, 11:16 AM
Well that definitely gives me a few ideas. You see, the sorcerer has been attempting to woo her the entire campaign. She's basically been shrugging it off and even got mad at him when he was seduced by a succubbus. Then this dashing knight comes along and she's been falling for him easily. Which has made the sorcerer insanely jealous. So pretty much each adventure they've been waiting on her hand and foot, protecting her during battles, giving her gifts, etc. Unbenownst to them, the main villain of the campaign is attempting to get the sorcerer to betray them and bring him the means to open the portal. Using persuasion by means of, "by my side, you'll be way more powerful and easily able to win her heart" kind of thing. So now, if the knight proposes and she says yes, it'll send the sorcerer over the edge to betray them. Which is what I'm hoping for, honestly.

The knight is good, of noble blood, protective, and very rich. He could probably make anything happen. It's funny that you mention the jock vs geek thing because you're totally right and that was completely unintentional. I didn't even realize it until just now. I'd also like to incorporate the fairies into it somehow. the bard is a very stereotypical pretty princess. she likes pink and glitter and other shiny things and flowers, etc. so I know she'd like something like that.

04-30-2013, 05:12 PM
does she like her fey with teeth?

after all, it can still look cute even as it chews your guts out. it may even color coordinate with the color of your blood...

might be interesting to see if the fey take a liking to "sir strong" and attempt to make her jealous, even if they are not serious about seducing him - just arranging situations so that she walks by just as they pretend to kiss him, or accidently reveal some skin to him, or other similar overly flirty blandishments. just making it look as bad as possible without actually doing anything with a mortal.

the fey may have a third angle they want to play, and may also have something set up just to mess with the love triangle for fun.

since they are both npcs... i guess if you are not the "no-fudging-rolls-behind-the-curtain-everybody-including-npcs-roll" sort of dm, then there will be no issues making the npcs turn out as you wish... or do you wish for the element of surprise for yourself? in that case, playing each character as appropriate and sincerely trying to win her choice for both would be the best. otherwise you will likely unconsciously shade the behavior of the sorcerer and the knight to a good cop / bad cop and she will be effectively pushed into choosing what you want. now, some players (if they catch on to it) would call that railroading. on the other hand, some would call it in-game guidance. *shrugs* your call, you know your players better than i.

is she (the bard) tsundere?

and, would the "dudley-do-right" style of the knight push the sorcerer into a bad-boy mode? considering how long he has been wooing her, and seeing "mr. studley-do-right" come and practically sweep her off her feet, it might be interesting if the player has a secret liking for the "bad-boy" that some girls harbor. and if the sorcerer pulled the bad-geek card, it might get interesting. especially if he can pull off cute summons or use illusions or baleful polymorph to make defeated opponents into cute pet-presents. complete with ribbons and little running suits. ^^ kinda combine bad-geek with the i-get-you-like-cute bit.

oh, and don't forget the merits of subtle interference... prestidigitation, ventriloquism, create sound, illusions, grease, shadow conjuration / evocation, black tentacles, molecular binding, and much much more.

the sorcerer can disrupt romantic moments, make scary / embarrassing sounds, cause the knight to mess things up, chase after false images, slip and fall, "accidently" nail both the knight and an opponent with a spell effect, mess with the knights gear by rearranging things - put his mail polish (opened) in his sleeping bag - put pinches of dust of sneezing and choking in his shorts, and lots of other irk the crap out of the knight tricks. especially if he has that metamagic feat in cityscape that allows the spell effect to originate from somewhere other than the sorcerer. if he can make the knight mad at him, but nothing can be proved to the girl and she doesn't suspect the sorcerer, then he can win the sympathy vote and cool her attraction to the meany jock knight picking on the innocent sorcerer (who just cast eagles splendor for the bluff check for that innocent puppy dog look).

the sorcerer might even attempt to bargain with the fey for a love potion to use on her, or some other magical aid. maybe even use a love potion on himself so that the whole getting seduced thing won't happen again. of course, a love potion couldn't possibly go wrong, oh no, never. (wink)

i imagine that the knight might be dropping hints about how the lack of art, culture, home decor on his estate is really depressing; how it really needs a woman to take a firm hand and set things right; how he loves music, always asks her to sing/play; how amazing her fashion sense is; maybe even pull off the whole "look-i-can-talk-about-my-feelings-too-but-its-hard" routine to lure her into using her talents to "draw him out".

just a few more thoughts.