View Full Version : Help Pen & Paper Games Admin Farcaster Improve the Site!

04-27-2013, 11:16 AM
Hey everyone, if you haven't seen it already, the PPG Administrator with the pointy hat, Farcaster, is wanting to do something to improve and update and revitalize this great site, and he has asked for input from its members, so please take a moment to read and hopefully offer your voice in this thread: Kickstarting PPG (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/showthread.php/27039-Kickstarting-Pen-amp-Paper-Games)

As important as that, of course, is money - money to pay for webspace and domain, possibly upgrade to a new, more IOS accessible chatroom, and things like that. $5 if you can spare it, or ten, or millions, why not?!

Contribute a little bit to something to show your appreciation for some authentic effort and responsiveness in making a better site. The Administrator of this site is giving the floor to the members and wants to get some ideas on how to make it a better site that does more things that will make you like it more than you already do.

Thanks and all the best to PPG and its members. =)

04-27-2013, 01:02 PM
Thanks, JP.

And, I have the new chat room software all picked out actually, and it specifically supports apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android. It also has an HTML5 interface for those who don't want to use Flash -- and it does support video chat if we ever decide to turn that on.

Hopefully, you guys will really like it.