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04-23-2013, 04:30 PM
Looking to form a group of players for bi-monthly Savage Worlds sessions. If you are unfamilar with the system, it is designed to be fast-paced, reward creativity, and be easy on the bookkeeping. Savage World's big claim to fame is their Deadlands setting, which is a supernatural/steampunk Wild West. They also have published settings based on pirates, super heros, sci-fi, and a special Solomon Kane setting. It is a VERY adaptable system, and easy to learn, but still provides plenty of depth for the more strategic-minded players.

I plan on starting things off with a homemade/adapted Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign, one that I have run before and it is always a good time. The players are members of a privateer crew that get caught up in an international conspiracy, when all they signed on for was a simple delivery job. I try to give my games a very theatrical feeling, where storytelling is just as interesting as the action. This setting mixes classic pirate themes from movies such as Pirates of the Carribbean and Treasure Island, with some mystery and the supernatural.

If things go well and there is interest, I would also like to do some games with the Deadlands setting and classic Fantasy as well. I feel that the Pirates theme is a very accessible setting and is a great starting point for people who may be new to Savage Worlds, or PNP gaming in general since we've all see the movies and know the basics.

I have a great location to host games, and a pretty good collection of high-quality board games, too, for a break in the RPG action. At this point, we are figuring on Saturday evenings to be the most suitable day.

Please post if you are interested or have any questions!

05-03-2013, 11:02 AM
More information on the pirate adventure we are starting with:
The initial chapters of this campaign are adapted versions of Pirates of the Spanish Main one-shot adventures that I wrote into a serialized adventure story. Some of the NPC names and quest goals have been retained, but expanded to allow more player creativity and growth. These initial sessions are intended to get everyone in the pirate mindset and give the players an idea of what to expect, and then the world really opens up if they are successful (or survive). I like my games to both challenge and reward players' creativity, and the challenges tend to require a broad balance of skills in an attempt to avoid straight-up hack'n'slash.

Opening story for this Pirates campaign:

It is the turn of the 18th century, the golden age of high-seas adventure. You and your mates are sailors aboard the Lady Faire, an imposing 4-masted galleon captained by the aging, but competent, “Gentleman” Henry Jameson. The Lady Faire has a somewhat mixed reputation throughout the Caribbean. Depending on whom you ask, Jameson and his crew are known as privateers, traders, smugglers, pirates, and any combination thereof. The important fact to remember is that the Lady Faire is known and respected (though not always admired or trusted) in every port-of-call. This reputation is responsible for the continued success of the Lady’s endeavors, and Captain Jameson is never at a loss for work. As sailors aboard the Lady Faire, your pay is modest but reasonable. The crew is treated well and your contribution to the continued success in various “business ventures” affords you a greater degree of independence, as well as the respect of the captain.
Being among the most trusted of Jameson’s crew, you and your companions are frequently sent on tasks that the captain deems especially important. You always do your best to represent the ship and her captain, and uphold their reputation. On board, it is rumored that the aging skipper will someday name one of you to be his successor. Hearing whispers of this always brings a grim look to the face of Mister Mauser, who has served as the Lady Faire’s First Mate since long before you joined the crew. Fearing, and rightly so, that he is falling out of favor with the captain, Mauser and those who share his disposition never miss an opportunity to make your lives more difficult. Hostilities between yourselves and Mauser have been gradually escalating for months, and his contempt has spread to include others among the crew and even the captain himself. Mutiny is a word that would never be uttered, but it is a worry beginning to surface in the minds of the more honorable of the Lady’s sailors. Those of lower standing look to you for guidance and stability during these delicate times. Successfully carrying out your orders and maintaining the status quo has so far kept any would-be mutineers at bay, but any significant failures could be disastrous!
The sun is beginning to hang low in the sky as the Lady Faire approaches the southern coast of Montserrat, home to the small port town of Plymouth, which serves as a minor E.I.C. trading post for the eastern Caribbean. As the rest of the crew prepares to make port, Captain Jameson beckons you into his quarters. Mauser eyes the lot of you, suspiciously and with a hint of jealousy, as you walk past.