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04-23-2013, 02:51 PM
After running a Rifts game from 2006 until 2008, I turned over the GM/DM reins when my daughter was born. We started with a DnD 3.5 game (4 games), then played some board games, then into a Robotech game I was running (2 games), then another Rifts game (2 games), actually got to play ShadowRun (2 games) until another run of Board Games. :(

Schedules are tough with this crowd even only meeting once a month. The GM/DM burn out rate trying to real in a heard of cats has taken it toll.

I moved last August and the new place has an area in the basement that I have claimed for general motorcycle and mechanical repairs plus it has room for a couple tables. I was invited to join another game that had me drooling to play, but the full day playing a RPG and the frequency of games I could not commit to. I was pretty bummed out.

I never got to pull the original campaign to a close of the Rifts '06-08 campaign and had many ideas I played with over the years and had even made notes. I made a general outline of what was going on in the world for the game and made the invite for a restart. November 14th was the first monthly game. We missed the March game somehow.....

We have a log on Obsidian Portal and I have been trying to keep up on the Adventure Log. From previous games a couple of the players came up with the idea for a name "Tales of Redemption - The Tree Dragon Chronicles"
Enjoy reading? Here's a link: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tales-of-redemption-the-tree-dragon-chronicles

What has everyone else been up to? Sorry I have been away for so long.

Edit: here's a link to the old Robotech thread I had here before:

04-23-2013, 11:17 PM
ah, rifts. i remember some fun and oddball characters i had when i was playing that.

04-24-2013, 09:26 AM
You can get a good mish-mash of players if you allow it as a GM. Sometimes it can places challenges in planning the game.

I am sad to see not a lot of activity over here in the Sci-Fi / Futuristic section. Always a good board to get several views on different games and tips. Still looking to play Travellar or Rogue Trader some day.