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04-16-2013, 12:41 PM
Notes: This post has been edited to reflect recent changes. 15-Oct-2013

I am currently running Pathfinder campaign set in the Eberron Campaign Setting. We meet weekly on Monday nights from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. My group currently has a spot for one new player, as one of our current players is likely to be leaving us very soon. The campaign is a new chapter in a previous Eberron campaign which used D&D 3.5 rules and ended back in June. We continue to use the same campaign setting and canon from the previous campaign, but it is not an important factor in the new campaign, merely window dressing and a way for my current players to see that their actions have had an impact on the world.

My group meets in the San Antonio area. At present we have five players, with one leaving soon, so I am looking for someone to take his place. The setting is the world of Eberron in the city of Stormreach, an independent city ruled by pirates on the edge of civilization where might makes right. Prior knowledge of the setting is not necessary, but might enhance your enjoyment of the game. I am looking for mature gamers in the age range of mid 20s and older. Our group is mostly male, but females are welcome to join as long as they are comfortable with mature conversation. I would term our group as casual powergamers. We like to optimize characters, but we also don't mind a bit of table-talk, usually limited to the beginning of the session during set-up. Language is adult and not kid-friendly. Role-playing is fun, but killing monsters and taking their stuff is more fun. We use miniatures and battle maps and I require players to bring miniatures, tokens, or some representation of their characters for the battle map (doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something that easily distinguishes your character from other stuff on the map).

My DM style is old-school with lots of hack-and-slash, dungeon-crawling, dice-rolling, and high fantasy adventure. Players are allowed to play multiple characters as adventuring can be a risky business and character mortality is high in this campaign. As a result, development of character personality and backgrounds is not so important in the beginning, and should develop organically as play progresses. I run a tight ship. I do NOT tolerate rules-lawyering and arguments at the table, although I have an open-door policy for players to contact me through email or phone if they wish to discuss elements of the campaign or their characters with which they are not happy. I am actually pretty easy going as far as how you want to play your character and provide many options for you to customize or change a character if some element didn't work out as planned or one of your characters isn't as fun as you imagined it would be.

As this is only my second campaign running Pathfinder (and the first was short), some options are currently limited due to my experience. Other options become available upon player request and as I become more comfortable with the system. I have lots of experience as a DM in various editions of D&D, especially with 3.5, so it doesn't take long for me to get the hang of things. If there are particular rules you are interested in, please make me aware of this and I will be happy to incorporate them sooner rather than later. I am always adding new things to the campaign, including unique and interesting items.

Joining the group will require an Obsidian Portal account and an email address which you regularly check as these are the two primary means through which I keep in touch with my players and provide supplementary material (house rules, character creation, etc.) to the group. You can check out the campaign on Obsidian Portal by clicking here (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/adventures-in-stormreach).

If you are interested in this campaign, please contact me via PM or by posting in this thread. Good hunting!

04-21-2013, 07:08 PM
Are you still looking for players? Hope so, because I’d like to join in thefray. The game you described soundsexactly what I’ve been looking for- monster slaying, looting, strategy, characterbuilding thru game play, death was always a possibility and not a focus on roleplaying- fun stuff.
I have experience playing rpg’s- played with a group for 5years, but that was 1st/2d edition AD&D back in the 80’s. Your game play sounds exactly what I foundfun about AD&D. One of my oldfriends suggested Pathfinder a while ago- got the book- now need a game. I don’t smoke, don’t mind pets, don’t mindfoul language, don’t argue rules at the table and most importantly, don’tsmell- at least I don’t think I do. I’mwilling to drive even to the west side of town to kill monsters, but am limitedto Thursday, Friday or Saturday games. Iam also looking for a long term campaign/group to play with. I live in Cibolo and work at BAMC.
How many players will be at the table? How long have you been gaming together? Game concept sounds fun and look forward tohearing from you.

04-27-2013, 02:25 PM
I have made updates to the OP as new information has become available. We have settled on Monday nights as our new gaming night starting in June. Please send me a PM or post to this thread if you are interested.

04-29-2013, 03:44 PM
I'd be interested as well. I'm an old DnD guy (2nd ed and on) from Cibolo too. Game times are very doable, with an occasional work conflict from time to time. I"m pretty green as far as Pathfinder is concerned, but I played a lot of 3.5 and it looks pretty similar.

10-15-2013, 05:35 PM
I have updated the OP to reflect that I am currently recruiting for this campaign again. I have one spot available. See the OP for details.

10-23-2013, 03:03 PM
Bump. Still recruiting.