View Full Version : Unearthed: Part 1 of the Horizon Trilogy

04-11-2013, 12:21 PM
Beginning on 04/20/13 is the launch date of Unearthed an Exalted 2nd edition game. This game series inspired by the Samurai 7 anime is a high fantasy epic about a circle of solar exalted, who begin the tale not even knowing the other members of the circle they become a part of. Some how they become entrenched into assisting the downtrodden from tyrants, only to find out that their is something way beyond the obvious, which the lives of many if not the entire world are at stake. Non- action will not suffice. The circle must make a choice to save the world or let the world end. A good game for a beginner to get involved with. Part of a larger campaign, will run two other groups of different types 1 another live game in person (Dragon-Blooded Unearthed) and one online (Sidereal Unearthed). If interested please contact me for this game or the other two julian_oliver@live.com Please note this game consist of 30 episodes covering the first book of the Horizon trilogy (not a publish adventure; self made). Game uses the errata rules for character creation, combos and combat.