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04-09-2013, 09:34 AM
“Be fair, alright. Everyone wants Mr. Toad’s wild ride.” No truer words were ever uttered in modern culture. Being one of the greatest motivators in human history, is sex given fair treatment in RPGs?

Is it skewed because of the historical demographic of the roleplaying gamer or simply a product of the fantasy/ sci-fi tropes that inspired many of the early RPGs? Is the increase of females playing the game changing that perspective?

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Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
04-09-2013, 10:16 AM
Read years ago that Merlin was the son of a female Magician and an Incubus. This gave birth (excuse the pun) the idea to our gaming group to run a party of players that were so born by a high circle of female magicians for nefarious reasons. Great fun!

I believe I read this Merlin thing in an old Dragon Magazine, but it was decades ago.

04-09-2013, 12:19 PM
might as well include mention that among the old demographic of gamers, there was a fair number who knew very little about the subject in question.... ^^

04-10-2013, 04:31 PM
Before I begin this post I will don my Epic Entendre armor; given the demographic of this forum and the fact that it is a form at all will lend to trolling. That being said:
This is a topic that went fairly unnoticed in my group for a while. Not referring to sex in general, but the place of sex in an RPG. It's one thing to be playing a videogame where there is fan service and the player is "rewarded" in various ways because that is a one way interaction, but Tabletop games are unique in the fact that they are situational. Sex had a presence in the game, more often then not as a sidebar or for humor, but over time or GM starting adding details. It began with him describing the women in more detail, and being nerds, we were all about our heroes getting hot chicks. Then there was flirting. We didn't exactly pick up on this, as our DM was very much into acting out all of the characters, but then.... it all changed. He started narrating the scenes from foreplay to gruesome details. At one point we mentioned that we were uncomfortable with this. He became upset, saying that he had a whole story for this planned out, to which we responded, "Why do you plan out sex scenes with your guy friends?" That when it hit us; We had been "game-raped". After he left we looked around the table, uncomfortable, more awkward than our normal selves, perhaps ashamed. How did we let it get this far. From then on we instituted the field of daisies rule. There is a thin line between acting out a character and cyber sex, especially when you not only suspect ,or fear, but know the person at the other end is a balding dude who lives in his mother's house and he's looking you right in the eyes. One thing to note was this was an all male game. I have played in games where both men and women were PCs and surprisingly sex wasn't even really mentioned in the whole game. It could have been that we didn't want to offend the girls, it could have been that the moment one person's PC hit on the character of another person's real life girlfriend a fight almost broke out, but ultimately I think it was because everyone in that group was in a relationship and didn't need to turn to fantasy for their "fantasies". I show up to hack some monsters, waste some gold, laugh at the bad rolls, and cheer at the good. Also, to drink lots of beer. Your bedroom has no place in my dungeon.
-Thank You

04-11-2013, 01:05 AM
Thank you for your input Mucifer.

Given your story, I completely understand not wanting sex in your game. There are a lot of people that I have spoken to that totally agree with you. Sex is a wrinkle that is certainly not necessary in any game and should only be used if the topic is acceptable with everyone in the group. The minute the game goes from fun to awkward, or even creepy, it is best to stop and really assess what the group wants. If that style of escapism is unwanted, then by no means should it be used.

As stated in the episode, we are not talking about graphically detailing the act. What we are interested in is the repercussions of careless sexual activities and how sex in games is rarely without consequences. It is the drama surrounding sex, before and after that we are interested in. Playing out the act is most times a juvenile masturbatory fantasy and unwelcome.

04-11-2013, 08:44 PM
I've had a player make it his character's "goal" or one of his motivations, to "repopulate" the world, by smooth-talking a maiden fair or two, in every session, if possible, in a very James Bond, fearless adventurer, manly-man kind of way. I had a player in a much earlier game I ran of Warhammer do the same thing - making sure to help the population thrive, in every town he went.

Maybe it was guilt or decorum, maybe it was that these players simply focus on the character motivation and have no specific personal desire to see the topic drawn out farther than their bit of narrative which satisfies character development, but no push was ever made and no game time other than a few minutes were ever devoted to more than "the maiden disappears around the corner with Sir Awesomesauce for the night", and nobody felt it was over the line, and none of the players in question ever seemed disappointed or try to push the subject any further. To me, that feels like the right way to do things, if players want that topic involved at all, other than possible a love interest getting kidnapped as part of an adventure theme or goal.

I was somewhat blindsided, both times, years apart, when both players asked me many adventures in, if their earlier lovers or conquests, depending on how you want to view the aspect, had any kids. Of course this WAS their stated character goals, was to make sure their characters' lineage continued, but I just figured that was more narrative and wasn't particularly relevant down the line - both however, were interested to know the time and place and gender and if there were twins or such, even though for the most part, there was never any concretely stated interest in going back and finding or being a parent to the children, or settling down with a mother - more of a "when I'm done adventuring, I may go back to Native Village 05 and retire there", which may count I guess.

To this end, I wrote up some Pregnancy Rules, but there was little interest, and a lot of criticism, which sort of surprised me.

04-14-2013, 01:58 AM
i recall one time where one of my characters and one of the other characters seemed to naturally gravitate towards each other in an increasingly interested fashion. we felt uncomfortable role playing this, so we sat down away from the party and out of game time and brainstormed the sorts of situations they would likely get themselves into and how they would react to each others antics. thus we more or less plotted and planned out their romance through beginning married life, had some laughs at our ideas, and moved on. our brainstorming gave us some "stories" that we alluded to from time to time to give that "old married couple" vibe to some of our interactions now and again for everyone else's benefit.

it worked out well for us. just don't get either of us started about the "fans of omens" and child-rearing. ^^