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04-02-2013, 08:50 AM
There is definitely an art to high level play. To some that art is masterful with a broad scope and memorable set-piece encounters. To others, itís fecal fling art.

Whether you loathe it or love it, epic level play is something you should experience once in your gaming career.

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04-02-2013, 11:44 PM
i was just having this discussion over on enworld, i think it was.

everyone seems to complain about it, but i've never really had much difficulty with it. on the contrary, i think it is awesome fun. in the course of the discussion it came out that virtually no one had experienced high level play in previous editions of d&d, or in any other game system, for that matter. whereas i not only have experienced it in multiple systems, it was the expectation and the norm that our characters would (eventually) reach such levels. in other words, i grew up on that sort of game play.

in Palladium, we went off the 16 level chart and had to extrapolate it out. in GURPS we reached 1000+ point characters. in D&D we were extrapolating off the charts again or ascending (at least prior to 3rd and epic we were, and now just go epic then divine). in Synnabar we were playing immortal born. in Star Frontiers we played cross-universe characters with Rifts powers. in TMNT we mixed HU in for massive mash-up fun. we played GURPS supers in D&D. in Spycraft we played the super / mutants mix. we didn't just play Car Wars, we wanted to play the Autoduel Champions expansion... nothing like rolling down your window and letting loose with a good lightning bolt when your ammo runs out in the arena! (great for recharging your car battery, too. now who's a laser bunny, eh?) in Teenagers from Outer Space i was teleporting around for fun and profit (though i was sad to lose the starship i had just previously rolled). in Battlemech i was using a 60 ton charger mech, and managed to get it up to a movement rate of 9/12/9!!!

our groups? born to be epic, baby. ^^

and so basically, most of them were complaining about something that most of them were just now trying, or only reading through, and had little actual experience gaming with. though, even from my point of view, variety is important. don't just play high level all the time. in one of my games that i am running, the group is at about 19th level. whereas in one of the games i'm playing in, we are just now reaching 10th level.

ps: i was tickled by the reference to one of my stories in that one episode. thank you. if you should want to ask questions or get comments or stories ahead of time for future episodes, feel free to pm or email me.