View Full Version : No name yet -- just a kick-ass game of Exalted in Portland, OR!

04-01-2013, 08:14 PM
Play Location: Portland, OR

Game/System: Exalted via Smallville tweak. I love me some Exalted. But the system doesn't consistently deliver. The Smallville system as is handles just about anything. And with a few tweaks, it handles anything.

Player or GM? I'm a GM looking for three new players.

Time/Frequency: Weekly, either Friday evenings or Sunday days/evenings.

Genre: Exalted!

Current needs: Looking for three new players.

Setting/campaign: Bigger than life heroes with bigger than life flaws and an anime flare, in a campaign to chase your desires across Creation. Do you want to marry the Scarlet Empress and unite the Empire? Or maybe you want to steal the dead behemoth Juggernaut and use it as your base of operations from which to conquer the East? Or maybe you want to wander into the Wyld and create an isolationist new Creation, free from the sins of the First Age? Or maybe you want to be an Exalted Robin Hood and steal from the Dynasts and satrapies, spreading their wealth to the poor and beleaguered? Or maybe you just want to storm Heaven and wrest control of Creation from the gods blinded by the Games of Divinity? Decide what you want to do, and let's chase it!