View Full Version : Tabletop RPG Pregnancy Supplement

03-28-2013, 11:34 PM
Hello everyone. I'm offering this for free, but being as it is a draft, I'd also like feedback, criticisms, advice, questions, any other comments on this.

This is a resource or supplement for use in any RPG, to figure out if a female PC or NPC is pregnant (with some minor GM deliberation) and then dice rolls and determining various factors and details. It is not directly geared toward any setting or genre or time period, and the only extra things that might be something to add would be a possibly random Health of the mother which could make things go better, as well as the level of medical care and/or general environment she is in, also improving chances. I also at one time had bonuses for previous pregnancies and such but they had so little realistic impact on things from a game standpoint I just left them out. Anyway, please feel free to leave comments if the mood strikes you. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks for your time! -JP