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03-26-2013, 07:49 PM

I'm looking for players for a D&D-3.5e campaign.
I try to run campaigns with a mix of problem-solving and combat. There will be a Real Plot.
The campaign will last roughly 10 weeks.

Currently my plan is to meet Wednesday nights at Card Kingdom, starting 6pm, ending between 9pm and 10pm.
They tell me they will have a table available.
If Card Kingdom is too noisy we will investigate other options.

Rather than jump directly into the campaign, I'd like to get started by running something short so we can all get used to each other and to the location.
I have two options:
(1) a homebrew one-shot, set at 5th level. I prefer that people bring their own character but I will provide pregens in case you don't have time to make one. Scrolls and potions cost 5x (this is standard for a one-shot).
(2) the WotC module "White Plume Mountain" is a fairly puzzle-y dungeon crawl, set at 7th level. This will take three sessions to complete, or we could marathon it all on a Saturday. Much of the fun of this module is building your character and seeing how well he/she does. Get started on character creation early!

I have an "about me" document here:
Please PM me if interested.