View Full Version : Pathfinder AP: Rise of the Runelords Campaign In Progress Looking For Players

03-19-2013, 10:30 PM

The third installment of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path begins with a desperate call for aid from Hook Mountain. A tribe of ogres has slaughtered the garrison of a small keep, including the famous retired war hero stationed there. The few surviving rangers need the heroes to help them retake the key fortification back. Once the ogres are driven off, the PCs are awarded stewardship of the keep. Yet as the heroes begin the task of repairing and expanding their new stronghold, a sinister force grows in the surrounding wilderness.
What ties did the slaughtered commander have to these vengeful ghosts, and what terrible secrets do the ogres of Hook Mountain hide? Are the rumors of an army of giants massing for war in fact true?

Character Starting Level: 7th
Players Needed: 2-4 more

Allowed Books: APG, UC, UE, UM and the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide

This campaign is currently in progress and we are looking to replace a few players that real life issues have drew them away from the tabletop. We play every other Sunday 1:00pm until 5-ish

If you want to sign up for this campaign, please contact me here or via email : billy at premierimportsonline.com

I am sure slots will fill up quick and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

See you at the table!