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03-18-2013, 12:27 PM
Hi, this post is an attempt to receive feedback on the mechanics behind a WIP, self-made Modern/Post-Apocalypse/Zombie pen and paper game.

I am brand new to this site, so I will apologize in advance for incorrect format or a misplaced post.

I am unsure the best way to share my documented works, but for now I will ask that you post a gmail, and I will allow access to the folder from there.

To have a little bit taste-test, here are the skills that I have compiled:

Skills - general info
*All skills are determined by: skill points (up to lvl +2) + stat. value + bonuses
*When a skill has two different stat. mod in parenthesis: (str/dex), the GM will determine which one situationally

Acrobatic -(str/dex) jumping and other nimble activities
Assemble -(int) creation using available resources
Breaching - (dex/int) how to bypass locked doors and security systems
Climb - (str) the skill for surpassing vertical walls and just holding on
Communication - (rat) how well you can understand others and bluff
Construction - (str/int) macro level building and fortifications
Demolition - (int) dealing with explosives correctly, and safely
Detect - (dex) having a keen sense to spot details
Leadership - (rat) how well you can call out orders and lead
Mechanical - (rat) how you deal with engines and other mechanical components
Medical - (int) having experience healing the human body
Metropolitan - (rat) geography, and collecting resources in a city
Outdoors - (rat) surviving in the wilderness and tracking
Pharmaceutical - (int) understanding specific prescriptions and their effects
Pilot - (dex/int) the knowledge required to operate a vehicle, and the reflexes to handle it
Scout - (rat) the ability to identify advantageous locations on the battlefield
Stealth - (dex) the ability to remain hidden from detection
Swim - (str) how you can control your body in the water
Technology - (int) hardware, software, all things electronic

Also note I focus specifically the game mechanics behind combat and general play. If you need any clarification or have questions, post here or email me at henry.Dailey@gmail.com

I am always open for discussion, so let me know what you think.

Thanks for the look