View Full Version : 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms

03-16-2013, 02:07 PM

I would love to find some players and/or a DM who would enjoy a fun 2nd Ed. FR campaign. I enjoy being a player but if push came to shove I could DM. I have a lot of the books, box sets, players guides etc etc... I would enjoy a weekly game but of course whatever the group wanted would be fine. I am an experienced player who has played for many years but I have no problem with new players or whoever would like to roam the realms. I can probably host the sessions or if someone else wanted to that is fine.

Please let me know if your in the area and I certainly would be up to playing in a different campaign world if need be. I prefer 2nd Ed. but I have played a little 3rd and would be willing to try 4th if that is necessary.