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Soft Serve
03-11-2013, 03:52 PM
Half-elf bard 10/warlock 1/half-elf paragon 3/human paragon 3/binder 1/marshal 1/exemplar 1.

Assume a starting Charisma of 18. Necessary feats: Skill Focus (diplomacy)*, Persuasive, Complementary Insight (Races of Destiny, increases synergy bonuses to +3), Sociable Personality (re-roll all Diplomacy checks and Gather Information checks at least once), Sacred Vow (+2 perfection bonus to Diplomacy)

*Provided for free by the marshal.

Class abilities: Beguiling Influence (warlock, +6 untyped to Diplomacy), Motivate Charisma (add your Charisma bonus to skill checks again), persuasion (half-elf paragon, racial bonus on Diplomacy increases to +3), ability boost (half-elf paragon AND human paragon, +2 Charisma), soul binding (Naberius) (binder, take 10 on Diplomacy and make rushed checks without penalty), skill artistry (exemplar, +4 compentence to Diplomacy).

Spells: Voice of the Dragon (bard 4, 10 min/level, +10 enhancement to Diplomacy).

Charisma: 18 +5 (level boosts) +5 (tome) +4 (class abilities) +6 (cloak)=38 (+14 bonus).

23 (ranks) +14 (Cha) +14 (Motivate Cha) +10 (Voice of the Dragon) +9 (synergy from Bluff, Knowledge (nobility), Sense Motive) +3 (Skill Focus) +2 (Negotiator) +3 (racial) +6 (Beguiling Influence) +4 (skill artistry)= a +98 modifier.

The creepy thing about this isn't the level 20 modifier (there's most likely better ones on the Wizards boards), it's how quickly it can mature. A half-elf bard 2/warlock 1 can have a Diplomacy of +26 with little effort (4 skills on the bard side, 1 feat, 1 invocation). A half-elf bard 2/warlock 1/marshal 1/binder 1 easily has a Diplomacy of +34, with the ability to take 10 and do it as a full-round action without penalty.

What do you think? I mean it's possible according to the 3.5 rules, but would you let someone get away with that?

03-11-2013, 07:11 PM
The DM would have to allow all the books that this build requires, and it's a 20th level character. Rare is the campaign that makes it to such levels.

Soft Serve
03-11-2013, 08:06 PM
The DM would have to allow all the books that this build requires, and it's a 20th level character. Rare is the campaign that makes it to such levels.

A good point. There were some people saying and providing links to other character builds that can make it to 100+ diplomacy by lv-20 without Epic Level Items. I never thought about how broken that skill could be...

03-13-2013, 12:11 PM
i have a level 12 character that can easily make DC 60+ jump checks. i think my max roll (not including any environmental or circumstantial modifiers the DM may toss on just because) is 74 with a natural 20. and i wasn't really trying to optimize it much. it just became a standing joke with that character. the character is a dervish, so they can full attack on the move... my character loves doing these acrobatic jumping flip maneuvers over groups of bad guys and ripping off a full attack as i go past, including tumble checks for no AoO's. he should qualify for fly-by-attack, seriously.

as you can see, i get creative with applying it in weird situations. i even picked up some slippers of up-the-wall just so i can run along walls in between jumps. ^^ i'm just waiting for the DM to slip up and set a combat in a large pillared hall.... =D can you say super ball folks? yes, i thought you could.

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