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03-02-2013, 04:35 AM
Dungeon War

Here's ther tiles.



Deal out the tiles to each player, roll the die. Each player lays out a tile for each move, forming the dungeon as they travel. The player can lay his tiles down in any direction he wishes. The dungeon is confined to a set square of 7, 8, 9 or as many as you want. I think a square is best, to allow for more strategic playing and unintended juxtapositions.

The aim? To kill the other players. Out fox them.

ANY of the tiles can be spun around with magic once they have been laid down. A succesful MAGIC roll on the die will allow the player to turn the tile they are standing on to any position they want. Only once per roll.

The rules and finer points can be made up yourselves. They are obvious pen and pencil stuff. The fun part is the shifting dungeon and the means it can be used for. For defence if LIFE is down. For attack. I figure you could put down a trap on a tile, then spin the tile so your opponent has to go that way. :)

You could add another element to the game by swapping cards with other players. They need a straight bit, you need a room tile. It all brings you closer together in the end, for the big fight.
I think the players should use two dice: one a standard die and another modified one that you could draw any symbol you wished onto. Then they could throw both dice at each turn and get a MOVE throw and a SPECIAL throw. Which could mean being able to walk through a wall or twisting a tile you are not stood on(the one which your opponent is stood on for instance?)

Or maybe you even steal one of the tiles on the board for later use. Its like Uber Dungeon Tetris Tron.

You could shrink the tiles down and have a hundred x hundred square. You'd probably need tape measures or string to ensure the square met up in the middle. I would suggest building a board with a grid of 20 x 20.

The Locked Room Tile

What uses could we put that to within this strategic game? maybe its a bad card to be dealt. Maybe there is always a monster in a locked room and you have to lay the tile out EVENTUALLY. Maybe even in your own path.
Monsters should always carry magic spells and weapons that are gained by the player beating them. That could be the aim of the game. To get the monster with the weapon first and use it on your opponent.
I see no reason why a magic system a big as the one Dungeon and Dragons uses can't be employed in this game.
I've only played this game in my head so i don't know how gripping it will be or how long each round would last. I hope someone gives it a go. :)