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02-19-2013, 07:45 AM
Sometimes playing a joke character can enliven a game and totally enrich a game group. Mostly though they are annoying and derail things or at least distract them.

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02-20-2013, 11:48 PM
reminds me of the time we set up one of the other characters to "accidently" discover a secret that my character had. it was quite a comedy, as the player quite blindly played our script perfectly and was shocked to discover said secret. not exactly the theme, but quite amusing, nonetheless.

better yet, and much more in the theme. i recall a wonderful story told to me by a friend who was in the group it took place in. a champions game long long ago, in an alternate universe far far away.... one of the players decided to define his luck power in a very narrow and specific fashion. having modeled his character after captain morgan - yes, the rum toting one - and playing him quite in character as the swashbuckling sword wielding rogue pirate offering rum to all hands, he then decided that such a character should be able to swing impressively on things for a proper swashbuckling attack. so he defined his luck power with a fairly high percentage chance that if he held up his hand, and jumped, something suitable to swing on would fall into it, allowing him to make his signature swashbuckling swing attack.

everyone rather expected this to be a joke character that wouldn't last long... but then the gm had to start coming up with ways for his luck power to work when captain morgan jumped and held up in hand in a sewer (pipe broke and swung), throwing himself off a building (flag on a flagpole, i think it was), and in the middle of the sahara desert!

which is what finally sealed the deal... a passing airplane with the giant banner add "drink captain morgan's rum!" with a trailing line which "just happened" to have snapped off the banner and was trailing along the sand dunes just as he jumped.....

the joke character turned into a fun and useful character and comic relief, joke's on the party in the end!

(doesn't happen too often, in my recollection, but when it does....)

lastly, slightly off theme again, but i recall a particular wild mage (may she rest in chaos) who's player had the uncanny knack of rolling only one of two thing every time the character wild surged. the character had a ring of infinite cantrips, one per round, and a boosted chance to surge, and would try to make up excuses to use the ring, just so she could wild surge. the character would make helpful suggestions "i have a cantrip for that!" and the rest of the party who attempt to shout her down.

why you may ask? well, as i mentioned, the player only rolled one of two things. the more frequent was fire, lots and lots of fire, which accounted for the trepidation of the rest of the party every time she so much as looked at or fiddled with her ring, let along offer an 'easy cantrip to solve that'! got us into quite a bit of trouble. the other thing she always rolled, and this is the weird one, was some random piece of equipment off the gear/weapon/armor tables. and whenever she rolled this, we would get real quite and kinda freak out.

again, why you may ask? well, it was always some piece of equipment that we happened to need right at that exact moment! every-freak-us-out-single-time! when we burned down a house? lumber. needed to tie something together? rope. needed to move something downstream? a rowboat. in the tomb of horrors facing a particular door with a most peculiar lock, and only having two long swords in the entire party? you guessed it. the third long sword we needed.

she didn't leave the tomb alive, but her memory will never be forgotten.

02-28-2013, 12:26 PM
I could see where the Captain Morgan thing would be funny, but potentially wear thin if not thoughtfully done. It speaks to the creativity and willingness of the GM in that case. As for the pyro-cantrips, it has been my experience in our group that a character that causes that much "work" for the other characters better be essential to the party or otherwise he may find poison in his cup or a grenade in his latrine stall.

02-28-2013, 09:11 PM
well, like i said, the random necessary piece of equipment thing happened just often enough. she died in the tomb, but the player was happy with how it turned out... and no, it wasn't our fault. she stuck her head in and messed with something as usual, and got it metaphorically bitten off.