View Full Version : The lost Noble

02-15-2013, 02:49 PM
I am starting a Pathfinder campaign starting at level 3 inviting all pathfinder material for character creation. I invite player to have back stories to represent their 3 level and if desired I will run a solo or group game to earn the 3 levels if you want.

The campaign will consist of 4 adventures and will be paced by the players.I will involve both typical dungeon craws and political intrigue. Your characters will be one of 2 groups hired to recover a runaway noble. The other group hired 3 weeks before you and having not being heard of and not wanting to arouse suspensions of their guild the family has chosen to higher your ragtag freelance team. Your discretion as to who is your quarry and the missing team will result in you receiving a higher than normal pay and substantial portion up front.

If you are interested in this adventure please contact me, I am an experienced GM/DM/storyteller, and will attempt to answer all questions timely.