View Full Version : DWARVEN FORGE 10 sets going up on Ebay!

02-14-2013, 06:15 AM
These sets will be going to Ebay this weekend, February 16, if I don't get any reasonable offers. I will post the link here if applicable.

I have some more sets going up for sell today! Here are the pic of the sets and I will do a trade for any Lake/Cavern sets. All of these sets are in EXCELLENT condition and almost every piece is still in their PLASTIC WRAPPER. I can't guarantee they are brand new, because I bought them used.

Who am I? You can Google my screen name "Monkplayer" and find I'm in excellent standing on all the role-playing forums I frequent. I'm on at least 8-10 forums all under the same name Monkplayer. I've also had a Ebay account for over 12 years as a buyer and seller with 100% positive feedback.

I buy a lot of gaming supplies and as in many cases I don't need every item in a group. I'm NOT a store owner but just an avid collector and GM who prefers to use miniatures and terrain as often as possible.

Room & Passage Set $100 USD (doesn't have inside lid-but replaced with bubble wrap lid)
Room Set $90 USD
Deluxe Room Set $75 USD NO LONGER MADE. HAS ALL TORCH WALLS but no torches. The torches are all that's missing.
Wicked Editions I $80 USD Out of Stock on Dwarven Forge site
Wicked Editions II $80 USD Out of Stock on Dwarven Forge site
Short passage Set $80 USD NO LONGER MADE.
Three Ice Cavern Sets $140 USD each and includes extra Snake and Stalagmite-all sets are BRAND NEW still in their plastic wrapper! (These 3 sets with optional two pieces are normally a total price of $188 USD, so your saving $48 USD per set!) NO BOWTIES with this set!
Catacombs set $250 USD (out of stock till August) BRAND NEW condition and each piece still in it's plastic wrapper! NO BOWTIES with this set!

IF YOU BUY ALL THE SETS I WILL GIVE A $70 USD CREDIT TOWARDS SHIPPING, and if you buy only 6 sets I will apply $35 towards shipping! I will send you a screen shot of the shipping costs using the least expensive method and then apply the credit! All of the sets have between 30-50 of the bowties, except the Cavern and Catacomb set doesn't need bow-tie connectors.
link to DF sets: