View Full Version : Weekly Streamed Sessions - Pathfinder, D&D 4E & now Shadowrun!

02-12-2013, 03:06 PM
Hey there everyone, my current group will begin to stream our weekly tabletop games via twitch. I'm hoping it would be something for new players to become more familiar with how a D&D game would be ran online. Please join us to see some games played, learn a new system or laugh at how terrible we are. I'm hoping to fill in a gap for new players - it's a lot easier to learn the system and understand how stuff works while watching a session over reading and of course hopefully everyone will have a good time.

Current Schedule:

Wednesday 8PM-12AM EST - Pathfinder RPG
Friday 8PM-12AM EST - Shadowrun
Sunday 8PM -12AM EST - D&D 4th Edition