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02-10-2013, 12:37 AM
I am looking for additional players for our Pathfinder RPG (Dungeons & Dragons v3.7E). If you havent heard/played Pathfinder, it is essentially D&D 3.5, only fine-tuned. This is NOT D&D 4E! We are a very fun, laid-back, and patient group of folks, and newbies are always welcome!

This campaign is unique in that all gamers involved are essentially play-testing the unique campaign world being run; basically anyone rolling dice at our table will recieve full playtester credit when this campaign and sourcebooks go to print--how cool is that?

The campaign world in question is DARK SUN...

I am seeking a group of mature, fun-loving gamers. We game Saturday afternoons (two games a month, 4pm until 11pm). We run the session in Torrance, CA. We always have plenty of food & drinks, but you are welcome to bring extra munchies if you like! :)

Please contact me ASAP if interested :)



OBSIDIAN SHADOWS --Pathfinder RPG DARK SUN Campaign Setting: