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12-18-2012, 07:07 PM
I am the kind of person that doesn't like to let people down.
I don't particularly like just quitting games especially that are about to start or just starting.
Especially if I am supposed to have a roll of GM or something else important.

As of late, I have tried to start a new game. I found I was unprepared to really run it and now am troubled by the prospect of being give a second chance of starting over. The group I brought together was nice about and still want me to try, but I find myself thinking or believing it may be better if I don't do this after all. But I also feel rather bad that I had said I would try this and have seen a number of people putting time and effort into the game.

I am somewhat troubled by either choice, and would like opinions on what I should do or consider.
I am perfectly aware this is my choice, I just need some feed back or ideas.

(If this situation bothers you, then please feel free to target your discontent at me.)

(Additional Details provided 12/21/2012: My key problem is I tried to learn a new system in the course of 2-3 months and didn't understand it when it came to actually running the game. Second seems to be personal issues with not like Voice based online games. While I want to say content was not an issue, that is hard to determine at this point as little more then intro content was give before I seemed have broken down unable to run the first conflict of the game. I felt very prepared with story content, although that may simply be wishful thinking.)

12-18-2012, 08:36 PM
Oy, welcome to the big world of being a DM. I feel your pain, and if a person has been a DM for more than a year, they've ALL been in a similar situation...

Just be up front about it. "Hey, I started this and didn't figure on the OMG hours involved. I just can't maintain the pace and keep up with real life. I can't short-change life, and if I keep up this pace, I can't do this game justice. I don't want to short-change you guys - so I have to ask for your understanding when I say that I have to leave this game. I'm sorry if you are upset, and I understand if you are ticked at me, but I just can't handle it all right now."

There you go - succinct and it gets the job done.

Yeah, the situation bothers me - but it's because I've been there, and had to do that.

12-21-2012, 04:42 AM
That's why I generally start working on a game 2-3 months in advance, and don't even announce my intentions to run the game until at most a month beforehand. That way I already have a sizable amount of content ready to use, so I'm not stressed as much.

I also write in a beginning and an end to most of my games, that way there's a climax, and a resolution. When you bring a campaign to a close, you have players that clamor for more, and it's always easy to fill seats on the next go-around. It also helps prevent DM burnout, as you know there is an end in sight.

Lastly, I charge to DM/GM/ST, and that takes some of the pressure off, as I know I'm getting paid for my time (even though it equates to less than minimum wage). It also ensures that I bring out the polish and make sure the game is interesting, as dissatisfied customers don't come back.

12-24-2012, 08:39 AM
I have to say that I agree with both Malruhn and Simetradon. Malruhn hits the mark for being able to step out of the game, while Simetradon does pretty much the same thing I do when getting a game ready to run. In my case, I usually have 80% or more of the game ready before I post it.

12-31-2012, 10:32 PM
it sounds like you have a tough choice. if you decide to stick it out, you might want to take on one of the players as an assistant gm. pick an experienced person, they run the conflicts, maybe even some of the npcs for you, you focus on story, plot, and development. they could even brainstorm with you. you learn the system from them, as you go.

on the other hand, stepping down gracefully is also a viable possibility. unless you happen to be skilled at extemporizing material and making it all fit on the fly, and you don't have the time, motivation, or other factors to really enable you to commit, then you should consider stepping down from what may turn into a bad situation.

best of choice to you. let us know how it turns out.

I. J. Thompson
01-03-2013, 06:57 PM
Putting my 'player' hat on, I'd much rather a GM simply said, "sorry folks, I can't keep this going". That way I've got some closure, and I can say 'thanks anyway' and move on to something more my speed. Endless months of a slooooooow game only to hear, "sorry folks, I can't keep this going", half a year later would aggravate me a bit.

Life's short... put your cards on the table and dump the stress! :)