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Most cities can provide you with enchanted blades and robes. Volvyagrad is a trade city that brings in fine goods from the east and the west. Those in the know can find its true treasure, though, for the gnomes of Neimheim have attained many unique items from the surrounding swamp.
Item Descriptions
A small sampling of equipment that is normally unique to the back alley shops of Volvyagard is outlined here.
Bloodportal Boots
A young elf prince once constantly boasted of the power his fey blood afforded him. Any guest who questioned him would be forced to compete against him, and the prince always humiliated his foes. Then, one day, a spell-blade proved more than a match for him. Having mastered teleportation through years of training, the spell-blade quickly shifted out of reach each time the prince neared him. Ashamed, the prince sought out Baba Yaga, who crafted a pair of boots that would extend the young princeís abilities with no training required. He won the next challenge but died soon after. The examining priest found all the blood had drained from his body.
Bloodportal Boots********************** Level 8+ Rare
These fine soft red leather boots are fit for royalty, but their true cost is the bearerís own blood.
Lvl 8****** 3,400 gp**************************** Lvl 28*** 2,125,000 gp
Lvl 18** * 85,000 gp
Feet Slot
Whenever you teleport, spend at least one healing surge. For each surge spent, you can teleport an additional square. If you have no healing surges to spend, you take 10 damage.
Level 18: 2 squares per healing surge. If you have no healing surges you take 20 damage.
Level 28: 3 squares per healing surge. If you have no healing surges you take 30 damage.
Neimheim Shadow
Gnome enforcers of the Volvyagard markets are known for suddenly appearing out of shadows. The source of this uncanny ability rests in the dark leather chokers each wear around their neck. Although not officially for sale, certain merchants will make a deal when officials are sufficiently distracted.

Neimheim Shadow ********** Level 3+ Uncommon
This black leather choker melds its bearer into nearby shadows.
Lvl 3****** +1****** 680 gp******************** Lvl 18*** +4****85,000 gp
Lvl 8****** +2*** 3,400 gp****************** Lvl 23*** +5*** 425,000 gp
Lvl 13*** +3 17,000 gp******************Lvl 28*** +6 2,125,000 gp
Neck Slot
Enhancement Bonus: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Gain an item bonus to Stealth checks in dim light or darkness equal to the chokerís enhancement bonus.
Utility Power (Shadow, Teleportation)

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