View Full Version : CaesarCon Game Convention - March 22-24, 2013

12-16-2012, 10:35 PM
CaesarCon was created to bring people together for gaming once every year during or near the Ides of March. Our mission is to offer up a great weekend of games at a low cost to as many attendees as possible. We hope you will come and enjoy a great weekend. CaesarCon is a 3 day gaming convention intended to bring people together for camaraderie and games. The convention will be held at the Ramada Conference Center in Montpelier,OH. In true Caesar fashion the games will be glorious but the success of these games depends on you. Consider attendee and perhaps running a game. With our thanks, all Game Masters receive a discount on attending CaesarCon. There are 3 slots for games on Friday and 3 slots for games on Saturday, and 2 slots for games on Sunday.

Visit www.caesarcon.com (http://www.caesarcon.com) for more details