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12-13-2012, 12:19 PM
For Gamerstable’s next Roleplay Drama we are doing Savage Worlds Conan.

In honor of that, we are conducting a contest. We are asking the community to create the characters for us to play on mic.

Official Rules can be found here (http://gamerstable.com/conancontest/)

If you are interested, please send all submissions to:


Subject – Conan Submission

12-13-2012, 12:52 PM
i never really got into conan, but then, i need to go back and read the original books. i was introduced to fafrid and the grey mouser before i ever heard of conan.

12-18-2012, 10:25 AM
So far the contest submissions are a bit slow. Hopefully that means that people are really taking their time.

Remember, the creators of the 6 characters used in the production receive free copies of Savage Worlds: Deluxe Explorers Edition

The creator of the character deemed "best overall" will receive Munchkin Conan, an exclusive T -shirt as well as the free copy of Savage Worlds: Deluxe Explorers Edition.

Don't miss out.

Gamerstable Contest Rules (http://gamerstable.com/conancontest/)

12-27-2012, 10:05 AM
For those who have submitted characters for our contest, thank you. For those still working on them, there is still time (2/3/13 is the deadline). For those who don’t know what I am talking about, you can win free stuff including a copy of the Savage Worlds core book and Munchkin Conan!

We are accepting everything from character descriptions to fully game developed characters, so if you don’t know the Savage Worlds system that is okay. You can still win!

Check out our contest page (http://gamerstable.com/conancontest/) for details.