View Full Version : LFP - Ars Magica Online Game

11-28-2012, 11:41 AM
We're looking for some people interested in playing Ars Magica over skype or hangout or whatever other voice based software we can come up with.

Right now we've three people interested in it (two players, one storyteller) with more or less open schedules, and we're ideally looking for another 2-3 people to join us for a game every other week.

A lot of the fun in Ars Magica is the group discussion and input when creating the covenant and so on, but we've kinda talked a bit about it and came up with the following setup:

A summer covenant in the Normandy Tribunal, for a little bit of the whole range of story types that Ars Magica can offer. We're thinking 1 senior NPC magus might be good for a mentor role, but it could potentially be PC as well.

Message me if you are interested.