View Full Version : Four Dwarven Forge Sets for sale! Non-Tabbed sets! No bow ties needed!

11-22-2012, 08:10 AM
Room Set $95
Room & Passage Set $124
Wicked Editions Set $90
Wicked Editions II Set $95
Den of Evil Room & Passage Set $210

These sets each have about 40 hours of work in order to remove the 50+ tabbed cutouts on the edges of the piece. I will GUARANTEE that you WILL NOT be able to tell the tabs have been filled (see photos or email me for photos) on close inspection! All the parts are there except for the bow ties.
The artist that does my work has a Bachelor's Degree in art and IS A PROFESSIONAL.

PLEASE NOTE: All four of the sets I'm selling including this set have also had professional painting that allow much better color matching to the new Dwarven Forge sets. If you own multiple sets than you know this is a very important and great feature of these sets! Many of the older sets are noticeably lighter in color than the newer sets.

You can reply here or contact me directly at heredragondragonATcox DOT net.