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Running through the forest, Gavin silently congratulated himself. Things were going splendidly. The werewolf pack was hunting him down, and, if everything went according to plan, they would trouble the baroness no more.
No sooner had he finished the thought than the ground rose to meet him. Dazed, Gavin picked himself up and looked at the hunterís snare that had tripped him. The irony didnít escape him as the werewolves howled and he could hear them rushing through the forest. So much for the carefully laid-out trap he had planned for the werewolves. He needed another one now.
He had a bag of caltrops on him, a candle, and some leftover alchemical silver from the planned trap. Eyeing the snare, he added rope to his list. The werewolves were closing inóno pressure. No pressure at all.
Everything is a weapon or can be made to serve as a weapon. To make the toxic tripping trap, you first need to light the candle so you have access to hot wax. Cut the rope into appropriate lengths and use the wax to attach the caltrops to the pieces of rope. Now dip the caltrop points in the candleís wax and then add a layer of alchemical silver over it.
Toxic Tripping*Trap CR 3
Type mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 20
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect ballistic bolas (the toxic tripping trap has a CMB of +10; make an attack; if the attack defeats the targetís CMD, then the target falls prone); multiple targets (all targets in a 30-ft. cone)
Effect puncture (all who are affected by the ballistic bolas effect take 1d4+1 piercing damage from the silver-tipped caltrop spikes)
Effect blueface poison (all who suffer damage are infected with 1d3 doses of blueface poison)
Blueface Poison
Type poison, injury; Save Fortitude DC 14
Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds
Effect 1d2 Con damage to lycanthropes while they remain in their hybrid or animal forms; Cure 1 save
Blueface poison is nothing more than a silvery solution that when introduced to humans turns their skin blue. Lycanthropes, however, experience an excruciating burning sensation while they remain in their hybrid or animal forms.
GM Advice
Against other targets, the following poisons can be used: black adder venom, bloodroot, blue whinnis, greenblood oil, and small centipede poison.
Next Installment
What can Gark the goblin trapsmith do with live pigeons, a backpack, a lantern, and paint? Gark is a contractor hired to deal with the more unsavory requests.
The Challenge
Name four adventuring items and receive a murderous trap in return.
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