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11-12-2012, 08:14 AM
Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum, so I hope that this post doesn't offend, but since this site has a huge focus on RPG gaming, I thought I'd share our KS with ya'll.

We've launched a campaign for pre-painted and unpainted 28mm minis. There are 8 sculpts with a nautical theme, and 3 of our figures are transparent plastic, and one of those is also huge!

You can see the campaign and images here: http://kck.st/VrcxY0

We have 3 fantastic entry level rewards available.

Leather Bag:: $1, choose what you want and pay custom shipping.

DIY Tidal Wave::$30 ($15 pledge + $15 shipping for US/CAD) you get 16 unpainted minis, which include 6 transparent figures 2 of which are huge.

Tidal Wave (the pledge level):: $40 ($25 pledge + $15 shipping for US/CAD) you get $25 worth of unpainted or painted minis of your choice AND the full set of 8 figures as alternate paints!

The $25 reward is the exact same cost of the Tidal Wave set, so it's our way of just doubling down "buy a painted set, get an alternate paint set" reward level BUT has added flexibility. 16 figures is a pretty great deal and both of these low levels have em.

The first set is nautically themed, but we are going to expand in to other themes as we reach our stretch goals.
With two weeks to go we're almost half way to our enormous goal. Thanks for reading!


11-22-2012, 08:16 AM
We're entering the last weekend of our campaign this weekend, it's good to see some new faces backing us.

This is just a reminder about the campaign and to give 1 final push this weekend. Take a look at the Refer-A-Friend deal we have in place, and just a reminder the shipping won't be charged until the minis are ready to ship.

Hope to see you all across the finish line!