View Full Version : Looking for players in SE MA for D&D Classic

11-10-2012, 04:28 PM
We are an existing gaming group that meets at our home in Duxbury, MA every Saturday from 10am until enough people drop off to call it quits.
We are looking for additional players interested in joining our group.
We do play many other games and usually run for a few months at a time under one system before switching to something else to keep it fresh (but we always go back).

Sub-creatures! The Dungeon Master has come! Choose and perish!
The choice is made!
The Game has come!
Its.D&D Classic using only the Moldvay Basic rules as a starting point.
Join us and play a piece of history as we begin with in Search of the Unknown

If you have any interest and/or questions please feel free to email me at chriszahnzinger@gmail.com (chriszahnzinger@gmail.com)

Thanks and have fun gaming!