View Full Version : Taking Back the Night

10-25-2012, 01:01 PM
Hello one and all! I am recruiting players for a game of GURPS: Monster Hunters, due to life getting in the way and forcing some of our players to leave.

We currently have two players:

Magnus, a traveling Swordmaster who is searching for the albino werewolf that killed his family.

Theo, a priest, improved and trained by the vatican to an instrument of god against cults and demon worshippers.

We are currently looking for two additional champions to help protect the innocent and reclaim the night.

The game takes place in a modern setting, with all your typical monsters plus some less seen creatures.

Games are on Thursdays, at 7ish pm GMT.

Add me on skype - Alifornication2090 if you have any questions or just want to join.