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05-16-2007, 07:58 PM
Hello all, rather than wait around for a new Dallas area campaign to start up, I decided to try and form my own group and my own campaign. I prefer groups with 4-6 players and I'm pretty open to most styles of play. While I encourage roleplaying, I don't require heavy roleplaying (lord knows I'm not great at it) though I often reward effort. We can figure out a location when we get people. I'm in the Plano area but my apartment is far too small and I never mind driving. I know Game Wyze (http://gamewyze.com/) in Plano has a space and I'm pretty sure Madness Games (http://www.madnessgames.com/) has space. The game would preferably be weekly on either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening or possibly Saturday during the days (though if enough people want it, I might do Saturday nights, but that would be difficult).

Now, about the campaign.
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
My own custom world, though I will allow most things in that world when dealing with religion and the likes (that's why I like my own world, I can shape it how I see fit :-D).
I will allow anything from the core Wizards of the Coast handbooks, Forgotten Reals, Ebberron, psionics, and the complete books. For anything else, please bring me or show me the source material and I'll take a look at it. Once again, I'm pretty open so even if you have something you made, I'll take a look and see if it will fit in the world.
I've never ran a game with half monster races or things like that so if you want to be one those, talk to me first.
The campaign will start at 3rd level and go as far as we take it (it's written up until around 30 so there's plenty to do).
Please, no evil characters or races. If you truly have your heart set on some evil race like the Drow, talk to me first.
While I don't require heavy roleplaying, I do require a history. I will also supply a brief history of the world and locations though feel free to make up your own locations and histories as long as it's not anything too big.
I like high magic games meaning you won't be rolling in the money but you also won't be dirt poor. You definitely get rewarded for beating challenges and the rewards get better as you level.
The campaign has a pretty heavy story but nothing too hard to keep track off. I also traditionally alternate between heavy story and heavy battle sessions but that is something I would be willing to change depending on the group.
When I get a concrete group of about 4-6 I'll send out all the information needed to make characters and histories.
While I prefer experienced players I also gladly welcome new and newer players. We all had to learn somewhere.I think that's about it. As you can see, I'm pretty open to most things in the game and will gladly change the flow of the campaign to best suit the players. Also, if it turns out the players just don't like how I run my games or we want something new, I completely for a mutiny and picking a new GM and keeping the group together. Finding new groups suck and I really want to go through finding a new group as little as possible. This will be my 4th time running this campaign and each time I like to make little changes that I learned from the previous run so it should be good. Actually, I take that back, 4th time running the first 1/3, 3rd running the second 1/3, and 2nd time running the last third if we get that far.

I should also say this will be somewhat of a learning experience for me. Every group I played with have been from the group I taught or the group I learned from so it should be interesting to see new play styles. I should also warn I haven't played in about 2 years so I may be a little rusty at first, but I am a rule Nazi (not to the point I'm a jerk, just know them so I can use them) so I should pick them up again quickly. ^^

If you would like to join, please message me and hopefully we can start playing sometimes soon!

I've also been working on another campaign that can either be a prequel or happens after the above campaigns (would probably work better with happens long after with people who aren't familiar with the campaign) if people would also like to be in one I've never tried before (or currently haven't finished writing).

05-24-2007, 05:11 PM
Looks like I have 3 people wanting to play in the game at the moment so there's still room for 1 more, preferably 2 people. If you would like to join please let me by replying or message so we can get the game started. ^^

Also, it's looking like the game is going to take place in Irving or someplace pretty close to it.

06-04-2007, 03:38 AM
I have 4 people now (assuming they all get back to me >_<) and there is still room for two more people. We're going to go ahead and start the game when I get a hold of all four people but go ahead and message me or reply her if you want to play. I'll allow up to 6 people in the game so please let me know if you're in the Dallas area and would like to play.

I have no problem with someone coming in several or more sessions after the game starts so no worries if you come into the game late.