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10-23-2012, 04:10 PM
This game is loosely based upon Magic the Gatherings Ravnica set. It will take place in a very large city that is "unstuck" in the multiverse, the city occasionally "Docks" with any number of thousands of alternate realities. Also I consider this setting to be fantasy / steam punk as the multiverse thing leads to tech and magic mixing. As a rule this will lead to some very interesting character and NPC possibilities.
Each character will belong to a guild (which may or may not place requirements on the character and you can even make up your own if you like) or be a new comer to the city. Also the group will be one unit in a new crime investigating / military unit known as the Watchers (This doesn’t exclude criminal characters by any means). Why and how you became part of the Watchers is up to you; however, the organization is extremely new, in fact your characters are part of the first wave of Watcher units to be put on active status.
As a side note I am a new Savage Worlds GM, though I have 11 years of GM experience between Adnd through 3.5 dnd as well as a few other games. My style of play has shifted more toward Role play of late; however, I will vary the game based on the players taste. I'm very open to getting players a fun and enjoyable experience of play, so I will try to accommodate almost any character design or idea. Younger players are also welcome and since it is at a game shop we must keep it PG ish. So keep that in mind when developing a character idea.
PS contact Via Email falinxelote@yahoo.com No Adds or sales offers please

10-24-2012, 01:21 AM
multiverse magi-steampunk? sounds interesting. i hope you will post campaign logs here so we can read them! will you be using dragonmech or dragonstar or d20 future tech for the steampunk aspect?

12-05-2012, 02:36 PM
I'm using savage worlds for all of it. sorry it took so long to reply but I apparently am not subscribed to this thread.