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05-16-2007, 05:29 PM
After traveling the world with the USAF for many years, I've realized that keeping a group of good friends together for a game is near impossible. Even if you are able to keep everyone within driving distance, there is the other problem of timing that meets everyone's schedule. So, I've gone the next best route. I've stayed playing with my old friends and many many new ones all over the world on the Neverwinter Nights persistant worlds.

If you are looking for a strong roleplay, very active server then I invite you to come give us a look at "Tales of the Silver Marches". We have been running consistantly for the last five years with many of our players (and DM's) having been there for most if not all of it. We follow the campaign books for our large scale actions, but what happens at the player level is up to you. We have many very active guilds, well designed maps, and unique scripting done by our team of scripters. We do expect strong roleplay over 'mindless hack/slash' but there is more than enough combat if you want it. We have a active team of 12 DM's that work around the clock keeping our world active and quests flowing.

Players are all levels and classes so there is always someone to work with. Our forums are very active and much "forum" roleplaying can be found there as well for those times you aren't on the server but want to be involved in an activity. Our map covers from the top of the Frost Hills / Moonwood to the North down to Nesme and the Evermoors in the South. To the West is Silverymoon and to the East is Mithril Hall.

If you play NWN, then come by with the latest patches and CEP 2.0. No Hak's needed, No strange files to download first, nothing. Jump in, make a character and see if it's something you like. If it's not, well, then thanks for coming by. If it is, then we look forward to you sticking around.

Our forum address:

Our Server is on the Roleplay section under the name:
Tales of the Silver Marches.

10-30-2007, 10:02 AM
Making a minor addition to the above information.

Check out our website at:

www.talesofthesilvermarches.com (http://www.talesofthesilvermarches.com) if you want more information as well.